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Recording Studios in Southampton & near me in Hampshire

Recording Studios in Southampton, near me in Hampshire. The Black Room is the South’s leading professional recording studio and rehearsal room. It is based in Southampton and specifically designed for full bands.

The Black Room is a self-contained group of band studios within River Recording Studios in Southampton.

It is uniquely customised with isolation rooms for drums, vocals and guitar – to get the best possible sound for your band. 

Southampton and Hampshire’s premier rehearsal rooms & recording studios

The Black Room complex adjoins four large bespoke rehearsal rooms and three practice rooms. All are available seven days a week and from only £10 per hour.

The professional rehearsal rooms all include PA, drum kit and amps so bands can simply ‘plug & play’ to rehearse. Undisturbed. And in complete comfort.

Recording studios & rehearsal rooms in Southampton: for musicians and bands

This extensive, high-quality complex is purposely designed to ensure that artists can achieve the best possible results from their recordings.

Within the teaching and rehearsal rooms, The Black Room provide drum lessons, guitar lessons, piano and singing lessons in Southampton for musicians of all abilities.

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Professional Studios for Southampton Bands

  • The Black Room is the South’s leading professional recording establishment.
  • Designed specifically for full bands.
  • Two state-of-the-art complexes in one studio, providing the full band and solo recording areas.
  • Rehearsal rooms and music practice rooms in Southampton.
  • Guitar, Bass, Drum and Singing Lessons are available.

The complete custom-designed musical complex includes ten music rooms built across two floors and includes a dance studio, four recording studios, four rehearsal rooms, practice rooms, a car park with a live performance stage and a kitchen.

All of the musical rooms feature professional soundproofing, extensive acoustic treatment and state-of-the-art technical equipment. We offer experienced music producers (including music production training), sound engineers, and music teachers. All are available for any mainstream musical requirement and taste.

We have everything you will require on-site and available, both in terms of both people and facilities – all you need to do is focus on perfecting your sound.

Largest Music Facility in Southampton, Hampshire

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